“J. Lenora is a fabulous speaker!  Her presentation was truly a memorable experience.  She blends an entertaining and dynamic style with a solid message.  The audience was entertained, engaged, and walked away with tools they could immediately put into action in their own personal and professional lives.”
Sherrie Haynie,  M.Ed. Organizational Development
Consultant CPP, Inc., Altanta

“I want to thank you for an excellent presentation in both Orlando and Lansing.  Almost every day, I am told by one our employees how much they enjoyed your training and how funny it was while learning the important message of harassment.” 
Lynn Ray, Senior Director of Human Resources, American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute

“The Future of HR is an informative, thought-provoking and highly entertaining presentation on the challenges for HR professionals to live up to the high expectations that come with a seat at the table!  Exceptional program!”
Iva J. Turner, HR/IT Director, Richard M. Weiss, Clerk of Courts, Polk County and Program VP for Mid-Florida SHRM

“J. Lenora, people (staff attorneys, judges, managers) have stopped me all week in restaurants, corridors, and elevators to tell much how much their benefitted from your training.  You were simply awesome!” 
Anne Weeks, Court Operations Consultant, Tenth Judicial Circuit of Florida

“Thanks for an excellent, entertaining, informative and well put together presentation.
You were a big hit with our group.”

Mark R. Kolman
Florida Audit Forum

“J. Lenora, thank you for once again making our Client Appreciation luncheon a success!” 
Lori Powell, The Lakeland Center

“J. Lenora is truly  the 'real deal.' A bright and shining star, she entertrains while educating, no matter what the topic. A whirlwind of energy who makes training fun! You'll smile, you'll laught, but most of all - you'll learn!”
Sandy Wotring, president, Mid-Florida SHRM

“I just wanted to let you know that ‘engaging in a fiction of good will’ really helps my general happiness!  That SWAB the Decks presentation is genius!  Using the things I learned from that has GREATLY reduced the amount of stress I subject myself to, and I am definitely enjoying life more!” 
Meghan Casey Martin, SuperGlass Windshield Repair

 “J. Lenora Bresler, a voice for all generations!  She is without a doubt the most energetic, spontaneous, and knowledgeable speaker on Diversity that I have ever witnessed.  A hour is just not long enough to spend with this incredible woman!  Thank you for bringing your knowledge to the Cleveland Clinic Florida!”
Christopher Capato, Coordinator of Diversity Council for Cleveland
Clinic Florida

 “The response from our members was ALL positive.  J. Lenora’s delivery of her message was energized and theatrical.  She kept our attention and brought her message home with examples and personal stories.  Everyone was glad that they had the opportunity to hear J. Lenora deliver her ‘Instant Insight.”
Rose Mock,
President, Florida Recyclers Association

“We have heard so much fantastic feedback from everyone who attended [our Healthy Woman 3rd Anniversary Gala]. They thoroughly enjoyed your presentation, and have commented on how entertaining, engaging and completely true your “What’s Age Got to Do with It?” presentation was!  You were great!  They’re still raving about you!”
Maryemma Bachelder, Lake Wales Medical Center

“I found J. Lenora to be one of the most entertaining speakers I have ever heard.  Her material was powerful and relevant.  Listening to her presentation felt like a breath of fresh air, and I walked away with helpful and useful information for both my business and personal relationships.”
David Larson, MS, CPCC, Licensed Psychologist, Institute for Wellness, Triumph Leadership Training

“J. Lenora, Okay, you really are a crazy woman!  Loved your presentation. Most importantly, our customers loved your presentation!  You kept them awake despite the late hour, and the amount of carbs they ingested.  Again, great job!  Thanks much!”
Rene Street, Chief Operations Officer, American Business Women
Association National 

"J. Lenora Bresler is totally engaging, presenting useful information in a thoroughly entertaining and participatory style. Our return on investment continues to multiply exponentially through dramatically increased retention supported by Bresler-trained managers who successfully model her techniques."
Marilyn Mollica, Ascent Healthcare Solutions

"With J. Lenora, you are in for a treat. Her dynamic personality and thoughtful delivery make her a favorite with everyone."
Sher Hooker, Polk County Board of County Commissioners

“I want to expess our sincere gratitude and appreciation for the tremendous effort you exhibited in developing an exceedingly high quality and highly entertaining Diversity Program for our court system.  It was very well received by our employees, many of whom expressed their appreciation for your enthusiasm in presenting some very important concepts and your willingness to answer many of their questions. They particularly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in the "diversity games" which exemplified the concepts that were introduced.  All in all, your presentation was well-balanced, topical, and exceedingly informative. Even though you made numerous presentations throughout the entire week, you maintained your dynamic composure throughout. You made learning about diversity fun and interesting at the same time.”
Manny Thomas, 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida

“J. Lenora Bresler was the keynote speaker for Nova Southeastern University's Student Educational Centers retreat held in July of 2008.  Her enthusiasm and use of humor made a tremendous impact on our field recruitment staff.  Her presentation allowed an opportunity for both personal and professional growth through relevant and applicable skill set development.  Our team fully enjoyed the time spent with Ms. Bresler.”
Cathy Anton, Nova University (J. Lenora's session voted #1)

“J. Lenora has a unique flare for being able to train on a serious subject matter, with just the right amount of humor added in to keep everyone engaged. It worked great! My Senior Management team was very impressed!”

 “Thank you for providing an exciting and highly motivating Supervisor Workshop for our Management Team. Your "out-of-the-box" presentation was just what our team needed.  It was totally engaging, presenting useful information in an entertaining and participatory style. I have heard only excellent feedback from the attendees.”
Joanie Murray, Human Resource Administrator

"Thank you for speaking at last week's JED University. Our clients completed a report card for the event and several clients added a ++ to the A they gave for your presentation.  Excellent!"
Angela Neeley, J. Rolfe Davis Insurance

“Your presentation was great, but the presenter was even greater!  J. Lenora, you're a hoot and I say this with heartfelt kindness.”
Chris Greene, Shaker Recruitment Advertising and Communications

“J. Lenora provides an exciting and highly motivating team building training for any corporation.  Excel Alternative Schools appreciates her method of instruction in how to work in a team environment that promotes healthy working relationships and respectful dialogue.  We will definitely invite J.l Lenora back and highly recommend her to help improve employee relations.”
Diane Oropeza, Academic Specialist, Excel Alternative Schools, a
division of Rescare

“J. Lenora was able to develop classes of Business Practices and Professional Development for Early Childhood Directors that put it into a learning style that everyone felt challenged and enthusiastic to better themselves along with their business.  Weaving her knowledge and humor, she made everyone comfortable to share in the classes as well as recognizing area they could improve in from communication to budgeting. She can tailor your training into whatever your need may be in training.”
Shari Lumberson, Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, Florida

“One director with over 30 years in the business told me she was ‘refreshed’ by your enthusiasm and down to earth wisdom.  Another new director felt validated by your insight.  As the sponsor of the conference, I was overjoyed that you understood the early education and care industry!”
Vicki Nall Pugh, Professional Development Coordinator, Early Learning Coalition of Escambia County

"Thank you for presenting at [our] Annual Conference and Exhibition . . . Your presentation received excellent feedback from the attendees."
Diane Bennett, Florida Society for Healthcare Human Resources and
Florida Society for Healthcare Education and Training

“Your knowledge and enthusiasm with your work are excellent quality. Your presentation skills are outstanding and we are very grateful.”
Dorea Mays, Hotel Human Resources Association
Associate Director of Human Resources, Rosen Hotels

"J. Lenora Bresler is totally engaging, presenting useful information in a thoroughly entertaining and participatory style. Our return on investment continues to multiply exponentially through dramatically increased retention supported by Bresler-trained managers who successfully model her techniques."
Marilyn Mollica, Ascent Healthcare Solutions

 “J. Lenora has a knack for presenting material in a way you will NEVER forget.   She has been recognized throughout Florida and the nation as a premier workforce development trainer and facilitator.”
Nancy Thompson, Polk Works

“J. Lenora Bresler presented diversity in a way that we had never thought of it before. We loved how she inspired the group to participate and express their ideas. The props added a nice touch, too. You won’t go wrong booking J. Lenora for your next meeting!”
Nejha Mason, Bright House Networks

"What a joy it was to work with such a talented and gifted speaker.  J. Lenora's enthusiasm and passion for people kept our staff engaged."
John R. Little, First Baptist Church of Indian Rocks

“Mrs. Bresler is a skillful professional.  Her enthusiasm is unequalled and participants come out feeling energized and with a feeling of accomplishment.”
Irene Dobson, U.S. Agri-Chemicals Co.

“J. Lenora has a unique way of getting your attention!  Her enthusiasm not only motivates, but creates an eager desire to listen and learn even more.”
Debbie Burdette, Cargill Fertilizer

"J. Lenora is an outstanding and knowledgeable professional who knows how adults learn best. She addresses real-life issues and her suggestions are practical and easily implemented. And best of all, her trainings are a lot of fun! Supervisors immediately began using the information she shared with us. J. Lenora's trainings result in immediate pay off."
Christine Clyne, Manatee County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller

"Thank you for making our evening come alive!"
Tricia Ferguson, Central Florida Human Resource Association

“Dynamic! Motivating! Her seminar on Leadership Development provided the skills and knowledge needed for dealing with people and managing change.  It has helped build confidence.  J. Lenora’s enthusiasm is contagious.  Our performance leaders are asking for more.”
Susan Erwin, Ametek Corporation

"J. Lenora Bresler captures your attention right from the start with her bubbling charm and overflowing knowledge. Her enthusiasm for her subject matter is punctuated by a sparkling wit that goes along with the wisdom. She does it all . . . from captivating children to capturing the hearts of adults.”        
Sylvia Carson, Miss Universe 1967 and Regent, Daughters of the American Revolution

“Your presentation was exciting. Thanks so much for your wonderful presentation.”
Shirley Whitney, American Business Women’s Association

“We ask her to come back every year.  The employes sign up for J. Lenora’s training right away because she is animated, energetic, and very knowledgeable.  You walk away with ‘ready to put into practice’ information.”
Cathy Melendez, Lake Sumpter Community College

"With J. Lenora, you are in for a treat. Her dynamic personality and thoughtful delivery make her a favorite with everyone."
Sher Hooker, Polk County Board of County Commissioners

"J.Lenora truly engages her audience – you can’t help but be an active participant! She knows and understands her audience early on . . . and is able to make it a truly enjoyable and valuable experience."
Sandy Wotring, QMI Corporation

 “Her professionalism, positive personality, boundless energy and love of people endear her.  J. Lenora is one of God’s rare gifts.”
Julius Hobbs, TECO Energy

What People are Saying about J. Lenora's facilitation of Meetings:

"Once again, your professionalism, insight, and southern charm stole the show! You did an outstanding job with our staff's strategic planning retreat. Your ability to embrace all of our staff, including those who are forever negative, is absolutely amazing. Apprehension and skepticism were quickly replaced with trust and excitement for the future. You are by far the best facilitator I've ever used."
Laura Morgan, Downtown Orlando CRA/Downtown Development Board

“Have you ever chaired a committee that needed to find a focus? A committee full of great ideals, goals, even had a vision and a mission, yet after hours of work couldn’t pull the information together for meaningful application? Perhaps it’s time to call a facilitator. J. Lenora can walk into a room, have a roundtable discussion and before you know it, take the information, the ideas and discussion, and develop a working plan. I know, she’s done it for me!”
Debbie Burdett, Cargill Fertilizer

“Ms. Bresler doesn’t bring HER agenda to your meeting; rather, she skillfully facilitates YOUR agenda  . . . And that’s how it should be.  And she does it with an enthusiasm that is both infectious and productive!  You and your meeting participants will come away with a sense that time was well spent and accomplishment was achieved.”
Ernie Helms, Vice President, U.S. Agri-Chemicals Corp.

“I was most impressed with the information Ms. Bresler was able to ascertain from the participants during our roundtable discussion.  It was obvious she had done her homework and understood not only the industry but the challenges faced day to day.  At the end of the day, I had more information that I had even hoped to gain.”
Joni Allen, Central Florida Visitors and Convention Bureau

“Our elected officials said the Strategic Planning exercise was excellent and your leadership was especially inspiring.  We will bring you back for other training in the future as well as revising the strategic plan.”
Frank Thomas, City Manager, City of Mulberry

"As a facilitator for our Strategic Planning Retreat, your ability to take a group of people that were totally diversified and untrained in strategic planning to a common set of goals was fantastic. Through your skillful presentation, enthusiasm and motivation, we now have a vision of the future and are unified on how to get there.  Thank you so very much."
Al Dorsett, Mulberry United Methodist Church

What people are saying about J. Lenora’s religious presentations:

“To say J. Lenora delivers is an understatement. It is evident in what she brings to the table. Each and every time you will find she has prepared thoughtfully, thoroughly, and prayerfully. She has the God-given ability to both encourage and inspire!”
Pastor Bill McCabe, Southside Baptist Church, Lakeland, Florida

“I loved what you said about relying on God when you speak, and I can testify that He has certainly blessed you beyond measure with unparalleled communication skills.  You are the best I’ve ever had the experience to hear.  It is evidence that you are His servant.  Praise God!” 
Kathy Oats

“J. Lenora Bresler is a master of dramatic presentations involving varied subject matter.  Her extensive vocabulary, extraordinary talent, and ability to communicate effectively make her presentations of such topics as the Passover Seder and the Tabernacle a true learning experience for all participants. I highly endorse J. Lenora Bresler.”
Em Barden, Sunday School Director, Southside Baptist Church

“J. Lenora is an energetic, charismatic speaker who is conservative yet entertaining in her approach; her topic are well-researched and she always come to the task with ‘both barrels’ loaded!”
Lee Burrows, Bible teacher

“How exciting to witness J. Lenora as a dynamic speaker.  As an educator, she does her research, making her knowledgeable in any presentation she delivers to the audience.  She truly has a God-given talent as a communicator!”
Sharon Starling, Music Educator

“J. Lenora has disproved the old adage 'you can't teach an old dog a new trick.'  The residents learn something new, in subjects that are familiar, during every talk.  We have enjoyed her enthusiasm, clarity and knowledge in her subject.  Our family at Southland Suites looks forward to J. Lenora's visits with high anticipation!”
Lori LeGrand, Southland Suites Assisted Living Facilities