INSTANT INSIGHT: 15 Questions to Great Relationships

Effective, enjoyable relationships thrive because people understand what makes each other “tick.”  Conventional wisdom says this understanding takes time to develop — after trial and error, hurt feelings, and lost trust.  Bosh!  It need not take more than 15 minutes.  Jumpstart any relationship — including employer-employee, teams, even personal relationships — by asking simple,  non-threatening questions that will give you the insight you need to motivate, teach, and empower anyone — instantly!


Almost every employee can be a star performer — FROM DAY ONE — if you “microwave” the development process.  You start coaching for success during the selection process — and through innovative, thoughtful, and imaginative orientations and carefully crafted initial days, you capture their imagination, charm their families, and make them into what they want to be: shining examples of professionalism, confidence, and joy!

SWAB THE DECKS: Clearing your life of Stress, Weakness, Attention-pirates and that Bloated Feeling

Success and happiness is not only about what we do but what we stop doing. Using real life experiences from her life as an attorney, consultant, author, teacher, actress, and mother, J. Lenora will have you laughing as you learn valuable lessons for how to sail your ship more smoothly!

TELESCOPING GENERATIONS (aka What’s Age Got to Do with It?)

The fashion, music, and current events of a person’s adolescent years shape their understanding of “normal” behavior.  In this funny, prop-filled presentation, learn why the generations have such dramatically different views about the workplace, values, and responsibility, and discover easily implemented strategies for allowing each age group to communicate and thrive in your workplace and home. 


Mentoring can be a hugely helpful developmental tool, particularly during uncertain times of change.  However, most people find that the ideallic situation they expected does not materialize and the results of mentoring are less than anticipated.  In this fast-paced, highly interactive session, discover the common errors mentors and mentees make and learn how to change the dynamics to make mentoring into the springboard of creativity and motivation it has the capability to be.  A real paradigm shift!

MISSION POSSIBLE: Project Success Every Time

Learn the steps to ensuring a successful project every time!  From idea conception to team selection, through implementation and evaluation, learn how to plan and direct projects effectively.  Includes prioritization, brainstorming, and promoting creativity within a team.


Like a jungle, conflict is fraught with dangers, but for those willing to journey into it, there can be new understanding and deeper relationships.  We explore the five major ways people deal with conflict and their predictable results.  Participants master a simple 3-phrase formula and a 5-step method for confronting people in a constructive way.  Fun and insightful program centered around a safari theme with costume, props, and sound effects. 


THE FUTURE OF HR: (HR certification institute has approved this for both 1 and 1.5 hours strategic credit)

Explore what futurists expect to come for workforces of the future and how those changes will impact HR.  New research suggests that if HR professionals do not make drastic changes in the way they conduct business, they will go the way of the typewriter.  Exactly what are the new expectations of HR?  To prioritize, crystallize, synthesize, establish programs that hold managers and employees accountable, and perform without excuses.  A fascinating distillation of what HR authors and general business futurists are saying about the changing face of HR.


People say that want to make a difference in the world, but do we really?  This interesting presentation explores whether people are really serious about creating change and then, if so, history shows us how to go about it.  Persuaders – the movers and shakers of change – fall into three distinctive categories.  Learn how to position yourself to be viewed as one (or more) of those types of people and watch your ability to influence events skyrocket.  Fascinating and challenging!


There are strategies that will help you connect with and communicate better with your C-suite.  In this fast, funny, and interactive session, learn how to get your CEO, CFO, CIO, and any other C in your life to sit up and take notice.  Perfect for HR professionals and anyone – manager and even employee – who wants to influence the “powers that be.”


Everything you do for your business, be it recruiting, training, evaluating, or marketing, had better have a tangible, measurable impact on the bottom line -- not just money but goals and not just the goals that are framed on a wall, but the ones that REALLY matter. Retrain your mind to think strategically and learn how to communicate on that level with others, particularly decision-makers and top-level management in this interactive workshop designed for anyone who is tired of "playing" at business and is ready to catapult into real success.

GOING GREEN: Greener Pastures or not?

There are many reasons a company may choose to adopt an environmentally sensitive stance, but most  businesses do not know how to go about creating such a culture, much less deal with the challenges inherent in the adoption of eco-friendly policies.   In this eye-opening presentation, participants will be introduced to the larger concept of sustainability, a part of which is environmentalism, investigate the ramifications of adoption of such a policy, and learn practical strategies for implementation.  As a result of this presentation, participants will be able to articulate a general business case for an eco-friendly culture, access resources to design successful suitable policies, create a valid implementation and measurement plan, and capitalize on such policies in marketing.

OUTSOURCING: The Legal Dangers

More and more traditional human resource tasks are being outsourced to third-party vendors. In this interactive session, learn what the legal dangers are and how to ensure that you have a contract that protects you from those snares.


COURTING CAMELOT: Leading Not-for-profit and volunteer organizations

As someone who has led professional, social, service, religious organizations and even a volunteer symphony orchestra for over two decades, J. Lenora knows how to motivate volunteers and direct boards of not-for-profit organizations.  You’ll laugh and learn easy-to-implement strategies for increasing the effectiveness of your leadership of organizations.  Volunteers are definitely a cat of a different color – they must be courted and treated to a glimpse of Camelot!



With more and more buildings being built "green" and with LEEDS certification all the rage, it is becoming increasing obvious that the typical building contract is inadequate to address the unique issues that "green building" entails for all parties. Explore what special provisions need to be in your contracts to ensure that the parties’ respective expectations are met.



How can an average Joe or a plain Jane live the excitement of a hero or heroine in a classic romantic adventure in their humdrum, routine lives? Learn how a change of perspective and a focus on the moment and others can reinvigorate your existence and make your life sparkle with magic and joy!

WOMEN AS LEADERS: Are We Different?

Examine the stereotypes of women leaders, the traps we often fall into trying to avoid them, and why some of them should actually be encouraged and turned to our advantage.  Taking our cue from substantive women of history, we discover the do’s and don’ts for getting ahead as a woman.  Funny and substantive.  NOT a male-bashing session.

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