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Attitude Checkpoint and Pet Peeves

Graduating from law school at age 20, J. Lenora Bresler is a leadership speaker, author, trainer, and coach. The author of several books including Instant Insight: 15 Questions to Great Relationships, she has trained over 10,000 people to become some of the best leaders and teams on earth. J. Lenora holds the two highest certifications in the human resources field, as well as the highest earned designation in the speaking field, held by fewer than 800 people worldwide. For twenty years, J.Lenora has prepared human resource professionals to take their professional and senior professional certification tests, earning 100% pass rate awards. She is a repeat speaker at HR Florida and many regional SHRM conferences and SHRM national conference. J. Lenora is also certified as a virtual presenter, bringing the interactive style of her in-person programs to the computer screen. She is also a financial coach, and holds a real estate sales license, a life and variable annuities license, and a Series 6 securities license.

Because of her extensive background in a variety of areas, J. Lenora is instantly credible and relatable to every audience. In addition to being a civil litigator, J. Lenora has been a symphony executive director, newspaper columnist, university instructor on both the credit and corporate training sides, a playwright, actress, theater director, singer, pianist, entrepreneur, and a talk radio host. Having successfully led a variety of professional and non-profit volunteer organizations through peak performance years, J. Lenora consults on member engagement, teamwork, and messaging. With a background in acting and vocal performance, J. Lenora is known for the humor, energy, and insight of her presentations. There is substance, style, and strategies that are easy to implement immediately. J.Lenora is a sure hit with any audience – and there are thousands of cheering fans to prove it!

J.Lenora is also a serious Bible scholar and speaker with an emphasis in bringing ancient history and Biblical archaeology into an understanding of well-known Christian Scriptures. She is also a worship leader singer and pianists, so if your conference needs a speaker or performer for a Sunday morning devotional or if you want training couched in spiritual terms, J.Lenora can assist. Visit her YouTube channel: The Bible: Delight in the Details.


Interactive, humorous, engagement that appeals to every learning style!



My only goal is to help you deliver a message you want or need delivered in the most effective way possible. There will be no diva behavior, no strange requests, no entitlement attitude, nothing but simple, straight-forward, dependable, proactive partnership. I am here to make YOU look good and to accomplish what YOU need done. The only thing I care about is making YOUR event a success by bringing a message YOU want your audience to hear and act on. As someone who has booked speakers and arranged and hosted conferences myself, I know how to make life easy for those tasked with planning the meetings. I can moderate and mc your event as well as speak, which guarantees continuity and synergy for your audience, and peace of mind for you! I guarantee you there will be no surprises--except even more joy than you anticipated! Let me help! 

J. Lenora

Always happy to do book signings and provide bulk discounts so your group can have a meaningful resource and souvenir of our time together.

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