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Coaching Expectations with J. Lenora Bresler, J.D., CSP, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

You will complete each session feeling empowered, relieved, and confident that you can immediately improve your professional and personal circumstances.

“Some people think coaching requires a long commitment and a lot of time, but that 

has not been my experience or that of my clients. It makes me sad to think that people 

suffer needlessly when an instant change in perspective can make their lives immediately better.”


With over 30 years of experience in training and coaching leaders, teams and individuals, J. Lenora offers a warm, confidential, enjoyable, and trusting coaching relationship that propels transformative personal and professional growth.  

Leadership and workplace issues  *   Influence  *  Career  *  Time and Stress Management

Professional and personal conflict  *  Presentation skills  *  Motivation

Communication  *  Change  * Personal Growth

Coaching can be very helpful if YOU are ready to  . . .

  1. Take full advantage of the coaching by being introspective and honest.
  2. Be open to feedback.
  3. Immediately apply strategies discussed.
    • INITIAL COACHING SESSION: Phone discussion with client to understand scope of coaching needed, review of any documents sent, preparation and review of self-assessment document, providing of helpful resources prior to first session, and up to three-hour initial conference: $550.  
  • Thereafter, coaching session time is $150 hour and research, review, and preparation: $100/hour.

$ TIP: JUMPSTART YOUR PRIVATE COACHING WITH A TRANSFORMATION DAY RETREAT! Post-retreat private coaching billed at lower hourly rate.