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“Oh my goodness! Everyone was thrilled with your presentation! You did a marvelous job for us and I will definitely invite you back again! . . . From the moment she arrived, I knew J. Lenora Bresler would exceed all of my expectations! She takes her audience on a journey into insightful leadership. Her amazing high energy, coupled with her innate ability to educate AND entertained is unrivaled in any speaker I’ve seen. As we maneuver through organizational change, her message left our leadership team with tools and techniques that they would use immediately. They laughed, they learned, they were engaged like never before! Thank you!” Christy Sushil, SPHR, Lee County Clerk of Courts Office

“So much appreciation. Your enthusiasm and active presentation style engaged me every moment and made the learning easy. Thank you for sharing your life and skills with us.” Teri Haggerty, MBA, PCC, ODI, Doorknob Consulting

“I want to THANK YOU for everything! All the training classes and harassment classes were GREAT! Your knowledge was well received, fun, and interesting lessons.” Barbara Dettinger, Human Resource Manager, Bartow Ford 

“I was in the FGFOA leadership class last month and wanted to reach out to thank you for your wonderful presentation. I learned a lot. I am going back through the presentation to review and refresh and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again. I hope I have the opportunity to learn again from you in the future.” Corey A. Wheeler, CPA, CGFO, Senior Director, Financial and Treasury Services, Florida Virtual School

“Thank you again for doing such an excellent job helping us to become better leaders. The training was AMAZING, and so were YOU! You have this unique ability to connect and relate to an audience; however, even deeper than that, you read your audience well and know how to steer them in a more impactful and profound direction while being contagiously energetic and engaging! Sitting in training, I felt like a lot of what was being said was speaking to me “core” and who I am on the inside… I will never forget the Curse of Me, BARS, SMART, CARS, CAR-AR, and the many other templates and concepts you provided us with in training-combined; these are worth more than their weight in GOLD! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the Program, the PEOPLE in it, and especially your Energetic Southern Belle Accent and Attitude! Baldemar Fonseca

“We thank you again for a great session and look forward to our next collaboration! . . . I’m glad to recommend you to our municipal members!” Lynn S. Tipton, Director, Florida League of Cities University 

“Thank you so much again for coming and speaking to our group this week. I heard so many great compliments about the session and so many of them said how empowered they felt to go back and engage their board to work.” Kyle Reynolds, Main Street Coordinator, City of Orlando

J.Lenora has such rich wisdom and depth of experience in the area of change management. When I approached her to create training modules tailored to the specific needs our organization is experiencing in a very complex and changing environment, she was enthusiastic and responsive, listened and asked thoughtful questions, and produced five unique modules that our staff will have the opportunity to go back to through the years. These modules were tailored to the need of our organization. Still, they can be applied to any company going through change, and we all know most are and need reinforcement and reminders aboot behaviors and attitudes about change. Thanks, J. Lenora, for providing your years of excellent professional care and knowledge. Daysi Alvarez-Russell, SHRM-SCP, SPHR, Senior Director of Recruiting and Staffing, Wycliffe Bible Translators USA

“Thank you so much for providing us this valuable training. I got rave reviews from staff that attended today from Customer Service. It was all abuzz in here after they got back. You are amazing!” Karen J. Hielscher, CPM, Customer Service Manager, City of Bartow

“I am reaching out to connect and thank you for your wonderful presentation . . . Your session (even at 7 am) was filled with so much energy and enthusiasm, you really captured our attention. I am excited to take the information you shared with us back to our team as I found it extremely valuable and think we can learn quite bit about optics and how we can all be perceived differently. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge!” Lynda Vecchiarello, COO at Solar On Earth

“Great job! I wanted to compliment you on the great job of delivering the keynote…[Y]ou won us over. You came in with confidence and warmth, with enough charisma to send us into battle…I as on the back wall on a folding chair (gracious abundance in a room that was so packed). Watching you on the stage and on that big screen was surreal.William L. Kilpatrick, Attorney at Law

“I heard J. Lenora present once at a conference, and it had a huge proactive impact on my goal-setting practices, so when I realized she’d be presenting at our SHRM chapter, I was beyond thrilled! She. Did. Not. Disappoint! I laughed some more. Her take on leadership was insightful and the audience interactions really helped cement the message. As always – truly fantastic!” Serena Fisher, PhD., PMP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Manager of Organizational Development, Halifax Health

“I have received very positive responses to your presentation. [J.Lenora] was engaging, informative, smart and FUN.’ ‘The speaker made my day – she was awesome.Annette Wainey, Deputy Manager-Human Resources, Reedy Creek Improvement District

I have been singing your praises to my organization since I returned from my leadership training!Melissa J. Licourt, CPA, Budget Director, St. Johns River Water Management District

J. Lenora Bresler has a way of simultaneously educating and entertaining her audience. She manages to interact with the crowd, all the while presenting information that provides many “ah-ha” moments. J. Lenora was the guest speaker at our bi-annual company meeting and provided many great ideas and concepts with regard to customer service, and she presented the information in such a way that everyone could relate to it. At the end of her presentation, she received a standing ovation.Connie L. Richards, CEO, Eye Specialists of Mid-Florida, P.A.

“Thank you again for spending this morning with us!!! Your presentation was awesome, the activities were fantastic, and best of all, the staff were really engaged!Cheryl Kelly, Vice President of Programs, Early Learning Coalition of Polk County

J. Lenora, Knocked it out of the park yesterday—Outstanding! J. Lenora is a dynamic speaker and captivates one’s attention for the duration of the presentation. She knows her subject matter and is able to share that information in a way that the learned remembers the information…I appreciate not only her gift of teaching but her constant encouragement. She is a treasure in our community and her enthusiasm for sharing knowledge is to be admired.” Donna Swygert, Coordinator, StandUP Polk Prevention Coalition

Your presentation was completed on point. What an inspiration to our graduates and the new class of IGNITE Leadership.” Betty J. Jackson, SPHR, Human Resources Manager, St. Lucie County BOCC

“YOU MADE A MAJOR IMPRESSION on the leaders at Florida United Methodist Conference…I am SO proud to be able to say you’re my friend and I’m the president of your Fan Club!!” Marilyn Mollica, Human Resource Consultant, Florida United Methodist Conference

Typical evaluation comments from recent programs

  • “J. Lenora is a ball of fire. Her enthusiasm was engaging and a delight.”
  • “Love J. Lenora very much!”
  • “Not only was the presenter funny and engaging, but the material was also spot on. It provided me with tools to use in the future, and a new way to look at certain situations. I’d like to use this speaker for all topics from this day forward. The world would be a better place.”
  • “This course by no doubt is the best training course I’ve ever attended. The information ois the most useful for supervisors and management, the examples were great. J. Lenora Bresler is the best speaker I’ve ever seen. She is funny and keeps your attention even in a 3-hour training session.”
  • “I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a management training session more. The time just flew by. It held my attention and was directly applicable to what I do…I laughed, I learned, I loved it! Thanks!” 
  • “I learned a lot of information today. The speaker is very entertaining and keeps you engaged in the topic. Would recommend her every time.”
  • “By far, the BEST training on managing people I’ve attended! Awesome delivery. Great tools provided!”
  • “So good!”
  • “What a hoot!”
  • “Very good training A++++.”
  • “Many good pieces of information for effective employee development” 
  • “Best training course I’ve ever attended!”
  • “J. Lenora is incredibly engaging and relatable!”
  • “The speaker’s fast-paced presentation and her enthusiasm – loved every minute!”
  • “Very engaging delivery and content”
  • “Fun, fast, great content”
  • “outstanding energy, presentation style, connection, body language” 
  • “Fantastic speaker!”
  • “It was AWESOME!”
  • “Very bubbly personality!!”
  • “Loved how she kept us on our toes.”
  • “I loved the enthusiasm and energy!”
  • “Totally awesome!”
  • “J. Lenora is amazing.”
  • “Love the energy – engaging all through the session”
  • “J. Lenora’s energy and how she relates topics to real lie situations.”
  • “She’s very motivating.”

Coaching testimonials

(Coaching client references are available)

  • “Starting as a new executive was both exhilarating and challenging. While I was confident in my abilities, the transition to leading a team required a unique set of skills that I knew I needed to hone. That's where my executive coaching experience with J. Lenora Bresler came into play, and it truly made a positive difference. I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support she provided, which has been instrumental in my professional growth.
  • Under the guidance of my J. Lenora, I embarked on a transformative journey that equipped me with the tools and insights needed to navigate the complexities of leadership with confidence. One of the most valuable lessons I learned was the art of delegation. She helped me understand that as a leader, I couldn't do it all alone, and delegating tasks effectively was key to not only lightening my load but also empowering my team members to excel in their respective roles. I learned to identify each team member's strengths and leverage them to achieve our collective goals, fostering a culture of collaboration and trust along the way.
  • Moreover, she guided me through the intricacies of team management, teaching me how to inspire, motivate, and guide my team toward success. From conducting productive meetings to resolving conflicts with tact and diplomacy, I gained a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to lead with empathy and integrity. Thanks to the invaluable insights and support provided, I not only transitioned smoothly into my role as a new executive but also exceeded my expectations as a leader.” 
  • “I hope I was able to express how thankful I was to have you impact of dose of your vast wisdom in me last week. While I have never before had the privilege of having a business coach or a life coach . . . , I’d hope they would be a lot like you. . . . Again, thanks for your willingness to pass along to others some of your great life lessons and techniques for success.”
  • “I have experienced so many ah-ha moments from your coaching.”
  • “You have opened my eyes.”